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Pillow Pet Store has all of the top items you are looking for including Angry Birds, Pillow Pets, Dream Lite Pillow Pets, Reverse-A-Pals, Mascot Study Buddies, Orbiez and Ty Beanie Ballz.  All in your favorite NFL, College, NBA, MLB and NHL teams.  To begin shopping, find your item on the upper right and click the link.  Or click the category below, which will lead you to the directory for that product.

Angry Birds Plush Toys

College Angry Birdsred-alabama-angry-bird-plush – your favorite video game characters are now available in plush toys with your favorite college teams.  There are currently more than 25 colleges available including Alabama, Ohio State and many more.

MLB Angry BirdsChicago Cubs Angry Birds Plush - Red in Batting Helmet – plush angry birds are currently available in the following MLB teams: Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants

Pillow Pets

Sports Pillow Pets

College Pillow Pets – the college collection continues to grow with more than 50 college teams.  The College Pillow Pets are the team mascots and feature each teams colors and logos.

NFL Pillow Pets – football pillow pets are now available for all 32 NFL teams, and come in original and mini sizes.  The NFL Pillow Pets feature team mascots, colors and logos.

MLB Pillow Pets – the baseball collection continues to get bigger with nearly all teams available.  The Major League Baseball Pillow Pets are available in the original and mini sizes.

San Antonio Spurs Mini Mascot Pillow Pet

NBA Pillow Pets – Now available in 10 National Basketball Association teams.  The NBA Mascot Pillow Pets are made with team colors and logos.

Washington Capitals Mascot Pillow Pet

NHL Pillow Pets – The National Hockey League now has 10 teams represented. The NHL Pillow Pets feature team colors and logos and are currently only available in the original size.

Pillow Pets Continued

Cartoon Pillow Pets – The Disney Pillow Pet collection continues to grow.  Click to shop.

Animal Pillow Pets – Click to shop for your favorite classic animal pillow pets.

Bug Pillow Pets – Are you bug lover?  Click to see the Bug Pillow Pet collection

Dream Lite Pillow Pets – the same great Pillow Pets that you love with a built in night light.  The night light features your favorite team’s logo surrounded by a sea of stars.  Dream Lite Pillow Pets are now available in your favorite NFL and NCAA teams.

Click to see which Dream Lights are currently available:

NFL Dream Lite Pillow Pets / NCAA Dream Lite Pillow Pets

MLB Dream Lite Pillow Pets / Original Dream Lite Pillow Pets

TMNT Dream Lite Pillow Pets / Hello Kitty Dream Lite Pillow Pets


Reverse-A-Pals – they start out as your favorite teams mascot, then zip into a regulation sized logo football.

Click to see which teams we have in stock:

College Reverse-A-Pal / NFL Reverse-A-Pal

NBA Reverse-A-Pal / NHL Reverse-A-Pal

MLB Reverse-A-Pal

Study Buddy

Mascot Study Buddy – your team’s favorite mascot will make the perfect study buddy for you, your kids and grandkids.

Click to see which teams are in stock:

College Study Buddy / NFL Study Buddy

Major League Baseball Study Buddy


Orbiez are a stuffed animal that are half football/baseball and half mascot.

Orbiez are available in college, NFL and Major League Baseball teams.

Find your favorite today:

College Orbiez / NFL Orbiez / MLB Orbiez

Beanie Ballz

Ty Beanie Ballz are a great new plush toy that are now available in many of your favorite sports teams.  Plush Beanie Balls are 5″ in diameter and are great for kids of all ages.

Find your favorite today:

NFL Ty Beanie Ballz / NBA Ty Beanie Ballz

MLB Beanie Ballz / NHL Beanie Ballz

TMNT Beanie Ballz / Yo Gabba Beanie Ballz